With the accuracy of a scientist, a soulful sensitivity, and the wisdom of a Jewish scholar, Shlomo Vinner grasps the reality of Israeli life, and gives it a meaning absorbed from the depths of Jewish existence.

Wonderful, unique and inspirational poetry.

—Haim Be’er, Lifnei Hamakom

(Upon a Certain Place)

Behind us/only the seaweed,” acclaimed Israel poet Shlomo Vinner writes in a memorial for a friend, “the crabs dead in the sand/can testify/how the sea took him.” The Melody Lingers is a book of grief, loss, beauty, desire and immense compassion. In even the quietest moments, “Not far from here/on the sea/the wind rests/ like the planes on the ground,”Vinner is able to suggest the unrest and the pain of a country—and of each citizen of that country— constantly on guard, constantly at war within its own borders and consciousness. The images in Vinner’s Selected Poems resonate like the melody of a truly unforgettable song.

—Jeff Friedman

Author of Floating Talesand Pretenders